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  • "I don't even feel like you are hired, lol! You feel like a part of all the events that we would have wanted you present at anyway! The photography is an added bonus! You're the best!" - Davida Winfield (Facebook - 23July2013)

  • "Pictures are awesome." - Chavez Chill Mabry (Facebook - 18July2013)

  • " would like to thank our partner ImagesByKecia ( Kecia L. Allen ) for the photography coverage. Excellent work!" - Michael Walker - MsourceE (Facebook - 16 July2013)

  • {On her daughter's born day photo shoot} "They are amazing! Thank you so much!" - Galene Williams (Facebook 06May2013)

  • "I just wanted to let know that you did an awesome job with the pics u took at SCDC last week, my son's pic was beautiful!  Thanks again!!!" - Rachael Fletcher (Facebook - 16December2012)