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LOVE That one thing you can not, no matter how you try, control.  We don't choose love, it chooses us.  It's like that Gift from God that you didn't look forward to, but were ELATED you received.  It is that blessing that, when you finally realize it, gives you so much joy that your face hurts from smiling so much~!~

It is that happyness you think you just don't deserve.  Too bad sometimes it enters our life at the most inappropriate time . . . the most inappropriate space . . . but, again, you have NO CONTROL!!!  So what do you do?  Do you let go or do you let God?

Let go and Let GOD!!!  It is beyond your realm anyway, so don't even try to make things change.  Time will tell, believe me~!~ 

When you meet someone for the first time, they send their representative.  It's not what is intended, but it's what's comfortable.  When time has gone on and the representative leaves, be sure that who is left is the one you REALLY do LOVE!!!


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SummerTime Today is the first day of summer for ImagesByKecia LLC!!!  School is over . . . and that's GREAT!!!  Spring is coming to an end . . . and the summer is in FULL FORCE!!!


Things to remember:::

Dring Plenty of water
Eat Plenty of veggies and fruit
Stay Active


2014Kiwanis Shrimp Fest 2014Addie, Shafia, and Devante' - PHS Class of 2014

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Truth Is . . . TRUTHTRUTH


TRUTH is: I could care LESS about what other's think . . . it really ain't my business!!!

TRUTH is: I am who I am because GOD said so . . . it really ain't your business!

TRUTH is: The day that you obtain the ability to change the world . . . hit me up ~ I'mma Ride-Or-Die! Until then, stay out of my way!


(this was originally posted on my FB page on 22Feb2013)

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The Business  

One thing about being a professional photographer . . . you MUST be prepared for to pay the COST . . . you cannot sell an item you have NO idea about.  It's like being a clothes designer or a retail store . . . if you don't purchase your products ahead of time and examine them, try them out, see how they fair after use . . .  you can't feel secure about selling them to the consumer!  
Well, I recently placed an order for an item from one of the partner companies of my new web host.   I ordered the product, received the "shipped" email . . . acquired the tracking number, and received the item all within 3 days!!! !!! 
TURNOVER Times have been my demise in this business.   Limited products offerings as well!!!  
The item arrived, the colors and the quality of the item are WONDERFUL!!!  
I AM MY WORST CRITIC and I AM ALSO VERY VOCAL about what is NOT right . . . If I don't like it, it will NOT be offered!!! 
ZENFOLIO has been a GREAT asset to my business!!!
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LYFE! As I go thru this life, with all it's ups, downs, lefts and rights, I find myself not looking back, but looking ahead!!!  The future, my future, your future is bright!  You can only achieve what you believe; YOU can be who YOU want to be; EVERYTHING can be yours if you WORK HARD for it!  Give yourself a break; no one is perfect!!!  If you fall, GET UP . . . if you fail today, succeed tomorrow . . . if you lost yesterday, make it a big WIN today!!!

Remember, Today is the Tomorrow that you talked about Yesterday  . . . 

Life is a Gift . . . open it, appreciate it, LIVE IT!!!

One Love ~ ImagesByKecia

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